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Which type of spray booth should you purchase? Which best meets your needs and your budget?  The answer may seem obvious, but this short comparison should help in the choice you make. 

Pocket Filter Booths (3 Stage Filtration)

Used in non-production shops with lower powder usages. The air to be filtered is first pulled through a pre-filter to catch the largest particles, it then passes through a pocket filter to collect any smaller micron particles and finally flows through a filter to collect any particles that might escape through or around the previous filters.   



Cartridge Filter Booths

This type of booth offers the production shop a safe and dust free environment. A suction fan pulls any powder-filled air from the outer surface to the inner surface of each cartridge filter. Powder dust is left on the outer surface of the cartridges while the clean and filtered air then flows through a final filter back out into the environment. This type of booth is self-cleaning by periodic bursts of air which are shot through the inside of the filters to dislodge the powder dust from the outside filter wall.

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