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Husker Finishing Equipment is proud to carry the complete line of KCI powder equipment. KCI is recognized worldwide for high quality, superior performance and cost effectiveness. All of KCI’s equipment carries with it advanced technology and warranty backed by over 26 years of research and development.


With any corona charging system, corners and recessed areas tend to be a challenge due to electrostatic repulsion caused by high voltage and current.  In an attempt to solve this problem the voltage is typically lowered thus lowering the current in the process. This leads to weakening of the electrostatic force which often causes low transfer efficiency and poor powder adhesion.


The KCI K1 Series Powder Gun is the lightest and most ergonomically balanced gun in the industry!


With PULSE COATING the powder is repeatedly charged with a low current/high voltage in short intervals (15-20 times per second). Some of the advantages to PULSE COATING technology are a reduction in powder usage, in most cases up to 20% less, which will also result in a decrease of the Orange Peel effect. Recoats will become easier to coat and corners will no longer be the challenge they once were.

The KCI K1 Series powder system offers 4 factory programmed settings to conquer any coating challenge:

  1. Pulse Coating Mode: Rapidly recharges the powder for increased transfer efficiency in many cases
  2. Corner Mode: Adjusts the voltage while holding current when coating complicated shapes and corners
  3. Re-Coat Mode: Adjusts voltage and current in one-touch to allow for recoating of parts
  4. Normal Coating Mode: This preset maximizes voltage allowing for superior transfer efficiency for larger coating jobs

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