Infra-Red Ovens for Powder Coating Systems

RADIATION / INFRA-RED – the transfer of heat using electromagnetic waves of energy from a heat source to the object you are heating.

We use both Electric and Gas Catalytic technology to create IR energy in our Infra-Red Ovens. Each technology has its place and its own set of Pros and Cons that we can help you navigate through.

Does Infra-Red rely on "Line of Sight" to properly heat and cure?
Typically Infra-Red does require line of sight but by incorporating the correct type of heaters and wavelength, along with the proper configuration & controls, we can overcome this obstacle. Any reputable Infra-Red Oven manufacturer can tell you through experience and/or testing, just how efficiently your product can be heated and if you could benefit froz Infra-Red technology.

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