Manual & Automatic Powder Coating Guns

We offer manual powder guns and automatic powder guns. Click on the tabs below to learn more


Automatic Powder Guns are typically used in an Automatic Powder Coating Booth. These guns can be simply turned on/off by turning a switch or they can be operated via a light curtain that will control the vertical, horizontal and rotation of the guns to efficiently coat your product.

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The controls are typically stacked in a cabinet to allow one common control to operate all guns uniformly, however, they can be individually added to an existing system where spot coating is necessary.

Depending on the level of control, you may choose to utilize a Touch Screen or keep it simple with...


Box Feed (Shaker) – A box of powder is set on a vibrating table to break up any clumps of powder for easier feeding. A tube extends downward into the box and fluidizes a small area of powder to help convey it via air suction outwards to the spray gun.

Hopper Feed – Powder is poured into a hopper, where it becomes suspended in air to allow for easier transfer outwards to the spray gun.


The new WAGNER manual gun PEM-X1 sets the standard and trend for all kinds of surfaces used today in powder coating. The new gun generation improves perfection and precision even further – the product philosophy combines a balanced finesse on all levels with long life expectancy and optimal handling. Well-balanced ergonomics are based on experience! WAGNER has incorporated this experience in the design of the new gun generation. – Yet again, WAGNER combines first-class design and functionality for perfect finishing solutions.


The new manual unit combines functionality and extraordinary design. All parameters can easily and quickly be entered in the EPG-Sprint X. By means of a central and dynamic knob, all parameters-grouped into four functional sections- can be set easily. The unique Cascade characteristics line setting and the TRIBO-compatibility offer a high level of flexibility for any powder. In combination with the new manual gun PEM-X1, the manual unity gives perfect coating results. The powder feeding can be carried out directly from the original container or out of a 60l Stainless Steel Hopper.

For questions or more information, email or call us at 888-647-9929.

Unique Design

Weighing only 490g, the PEM-X1 is a lightweight among powder guns. Despite being light, it maintains its robust design.

Perfectly balanced to the minutest gram, the PEM-X1 gun is flexible and reduces fatigue.

The integrated remote control allows for a quick adjustment of the powder amount. Via a double-click on the trigger, switching to another mix recipe is simple and fast.

The new nozzle-concept not only provides a perfect powder cloud, but also an improved finishing quality. The flat spray can easily be adjusted for particular coating requirements, using a sliding ring