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Air tubing used in your Powder Coating System

by Eric | Published October 15, 2012

Recently we had a customer call us up because his powder gun wasn’t working correctly. No matter what he did, or when he did it, it seemed like the gun kept spitting powder on his parts. After we visited his place we quickly found that he was making the same mistake many people make when it comes to air tubing (I’m talking about tubing and NOT powder hose).
It doesn’t matter if you are using tubing to supply air to your powder gun, your hoppers or just running it between your controller and powder pump…you have to use the correct style tubing for the fittings you have!
There are basically three types of fittings that you can use – a ferrule fitting, a ferrule-less fitting which is simply a hose barb and a screw down cap or a push to connect (sometimes called one touch or push in fittings). I prefer ferrule-less or push to connect fittings but they’re all good and will work correctly if matched with the proper tubing.
Polyethylene tubing is best used with push to connect fittings and Polyurethane is best used with ferrule or ferrule-less fittings, here’s why:
Polyethylene tends to have a rougher exterior and it’s non-flexible nature works well with push to connect fittings, the fitting can “grab” on and hold the tube in place. Polyurethane is flexible and can easily bend over a hose barb and then seal itself back down to make a tight connection, this flexibility allows the outside collar to screw into place thus holding the tubing secure. The problem tends to be worse with smaller diameter tubes, such as 6mm or 1/4″, but I have seen it appear with even the larger sizes.
If you have any questions about your powder system, regardless of how small you may think they are, feel free to contact us at 888-647-9929. and one of our friendly staff will assist you promptly!


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  2. Thanks to you for this information I think Air tubing also used in pvc coating services.