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Powder coating sandblasted parts

by Eric | Published July 3, 2012

We recently had a customer ask why his sandblasted parts were getting rusty before he had a chance to powdercoat them. The reason is that the metal becomes “naked” after the sandblasting process and is very susceptible to the oxidation process or….rust. We suggested that he put a fan on the parts that would be left for a longer period of time before they were powdercoated. The air movement created by the fan prevents moisture laden air from settling on the parts and keeps them rust-free for longer periods of time or until he can powder coat them. Feel free to visit us at www.buyritefinishing.com if you have any other questions or to check out our list of new and used powder coating and finishing equipment.

We carry a full line of sandblasting equipment and replacement parts for almost any sandblasting system.

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