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Is your pressure washer right for you?

by Eric | Published June 8, 2013

Powder Coating requires a specific type of pretreatment for the whole process to work properly. If you have weighed the options and decided that a manual type wand washer is right for you be careful…not all pressure washer are created equal!
First of all, most pretreatment chemicals are not able to be heated above 140 degrees F. Most pressure washers have a chemical injection feature but not all pressure washers inject the chemical “down stream”. This type of injection allows the chemical to bypass the internal coils of the pressure washer, which typically see more heat than this.

Another feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is the construction of the internal workings of the machine. Many chemicals will require Stainless Steel and often times these washers are used in industrial applications and that require high service cycles.

Typical pressure washers work at approximately 5 GPM and that means there will be approximately 5 gallons per minute that you must now dispose of. Where will the machine be used? Is there an accessible drain that can be used for the excess effluent? What type of chemical is required in your process, therefore, what will the quality of the effluent be?

We can help you navigate these questions. We won’t just tell you that the washer we endorse will work for you, we will explain the differences and let you make your own decision. There have been times when we didn’t have the right product in stock for a customer, but there has never been a time where we haven’t had the right answer or solution!

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