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Used Batch Ovens

by Eric | Published January 12, 2013

As Used Powder Equipment dealers we constantly find Used Batch Ovens of all types and condition. It is always important to be careful and cautious when dealing with used equipment but there are certain types of equipment that require more caution than others, Batch Ovens definitely fall into that category.

The first hurdle is to find a good used Batch Oven that still has some life left in it and has not been abused. Now you must determine how much that Batch Oven is going to cost to dismantle, ship and reassemble in your facility? I have seen many instances where an oven was dismantled and reassembled by unqualified people and the final cost wound up being more than the price of a new oven. Sometimes, even with the use of a qualified and experienced crew, a used oven can cost more than a new oven by the time you add in the cost to dismantle/move/reassemble.

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