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Buy Rite Finishing Makes the Front Page

by Eric | Published April 3, 2014

Buy Rite Finishing’s name, mission, and products reached readers throughout the Midwest last month, when we were featured in two magazines, “Open for Business” and “Mid-America Commerce and Industry”.  Both magazines wrote terrific articles about the company and our products, and we even made it on the front page of “MACI” (Mid-America Commerce and Industry)!

“Open for Business” is a new magazine, local to central Nebraska, and we were fortunate enough to make it into their second issue. OFB’s publisher and co-founder, Lisa Tschauner wrote a fantastic article about Buy Rite Finishing, and more specifically, our product, the ColorBOARD! Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Buy Rite Finishing owners, Eric Beeson and his father, Jim Beeson, started Buy Rite Finishing in 2000. Prior to this, they had been on the service side of powder coating. They recognized the need for an experienced equipment finishing supplier for both used and new products.

The ColorBOARD is one of many developments from Buy Rite Finishing. Since its inception in 2010, the unit has been tested and sold to finishers throughout the United States. It has received rave reviews and has proven to be cost effective for powder coating operations.”

To read the full article click here! And make sure while you’re at it to check out the rest of the “Open for Business” webpage – it is full of great information and articles, and it’s an awesome way to advertise your company!

“Mid-America Commerce and Industry” featured Buy Rite Finishing on it’s cover for the March, Powder Coating and Industrial Services issue. MACI began in 1973, and serves up great industry information every month, focusing on businesses within Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Along with our cover photo, we had a featured article within the magazine where again the ColorBOARD gets put in the spotlight. You’ll find an excerpt from the article below:

“Buy Rite Finishing has been successful in launching its own proprietary products through research and development over the last five years. This line, Husker Finishing Equipment, includes powder hoppers, sieves, washing stations, cleaning materials and the most recognized, the ColorBOARD Color Management System.

The company has planned many new ventures in the near future as the business continues to develop. Its new facility will have a testing station for new and used equipment. Its team is also working on the development of training curriculum and certification programs for powder coaters.”

To read the full article you’ll have to get a subscription to MACI. You can find more information about the magazine, it’s previous issues, and how to subscribe by visiting their website!

We wanted to thank “Open for Business” and “Mid-America Commerce and Industry” for the opportunity to be featured in both of these awesome magazines! Have questions about the articles? Want to know more about the ColorBOARD? Interested in learning more about Buy Rite Finishing? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 or email us at info@buyritefinishing.com and we can get you headed in the “Rite” direction!


Eric and Jim Beeson on the cover of MACI - OFB shown behind


  1. Congratulations, Eric, that is great! Media attention can be hard to come by (and as a small business, like I am, it’s even more difficult), but Buy Rite Finishing is clearly worthy of press. I hope these media acknowledgements gives you a nice injection of public support.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you for the vote of confidence! The media exposure has been great, not always cheap, but great. If I may offer you a little advise, that I had to learn through trial and error, get a good marketing person on your team. You may wind up hiring an employee to take care of that, or a consultant, but either way they can offer you an unbiased opinion as to how you should tackle the issue. We got a talented consultant to help us out and it has proven to be great. Good Luck!