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The ColorBOARD

by Eric | Published February 19, 2014

Here at Buy Rite Finishing, we are very proud of all the things we’ve accomplished over the years, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of our amazing customers. As our business grew and our customer base expanded, we saw a niche in the market for a color management system that would allow our customers to save time and money, and in turn allow us to develop a product that our customer’s would really appreciate. Thus, the ColorBOARD was born, or at least the idea, it’s taken some time for the product idea to come to life, but now the ColorBOARD is available, and ready to make a powder coater’s life just a bit easier! In this week’s blog, we will be going a bit more in depth on what the ColorBOARD is, what it does, and why it is an essential piece of equipment for any powder coating shop.

The ColorBOARD is a color management system that allows for quick and easy color changes from a compact and cost effective unit. It is designed to be used with one or two powder guns and multiple hoppers. With its durable construction and uncomplicated design the ColorBOARD is simple to install, maintain and operate. Why choose the ColorBOARD you ask? Here are just a few reasons that the ColorBOARD out performs the competition:

  • “Pre-load” multiple colors to minimize costly clean up and downtime during production hours.
  • Comes standard as wall/booth mount unit to handle 6 colors; hook multiple ColorBOARD’s together for additional color capability.
  • Custom order the ColorBOARD at no additional charge to accommodate virtually any brand of application equipment
  • Steel quick couplers and connections are durable enough to withstand the harsh environments of your powder shop.
  • With many different options available, you can customize your ColorBOARD to fit your needs.
  • The optional ColorCART allows convenient and mobile access to the powder hoppers and controls. With our vibratory box feeder you now have the ultimate in flexibility and convenience!
  • Made in the USA!

How does it work you ask? Well in just four easy steps, you can change colors in under a minute!

  1. When ready to switch colors you simply disconnect the powder feed hose from its current location
  2. Clean out the powder hose with the supplied air gun, or use the optional ColorPURGE
  3. Using our exclusive quick couplers, reattach the powder feed hose to the next color
  4. Then with the use of quick disconnects, move the control air over to the new color, and you’re ready to get back to coating!

We recently put together a promotional video for those looking to see exactly what the ColorBOARD is all about, and you can view it by clicking here! – ColorBOARD Video

Interested in getting a ColorBOARD, or want to see one in action? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 and we can get you heading in the “Rite” direction! You can also contact us via email at info@buyritefinishing.com

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