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Wagner Powder Guns

by Eric | Published June 1, 2015

After spending over 30 years in the powder coating industry, the first half of my career spent running a powder coating operation, I’ve tried almost every production type powder coating gun on the market.

I found that Wagner just worked better and was the most dependable guns we used in our batch system , I used them back when I was operating the powder shop, and now we’re distributors of their fine equipment.  Since then, Wagner has been one of the first ones out in front with dependable technology and they have stayed out in front with new models boasting even newer technology. The mark of a worthy contender in this arena is not just purchase price out of the box, here are some of the other things to consider:

  1. EASE OF USE / How user friendly is the powder gun and can anybody just walk up and start coating with the gun?                    
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT / How heavy and bulky is the powder gun? When you’re holding a powder gun all day, and required to get in and out of tough spots, you don’t want something heavy and bulky to hold onto.
  3. REPLACEMENT PARTS / How easy is it to get replacement parts, how expensive are they to buy and how difficult is it to repair the gun in the field?
  4. DEPENDABILITY / How often are you dealing with breakdowns on the production line?
  5. COLOR CHANGES / How long does it take to do a color change?






When you are ready to look at new powder guns keep Wagner in mind. Talk with some Wagner customers or demo the gun yourself and see what you think.  Buy Rite Finishing carries a full line of Wagner Industrial powder coating guns and parts, along with a service shop that is factory trained to work on your equipment.

Contact us for your next powder gun purchase, or any other issues you may have with your powder system. We’ve been around a long time and are always here to help!

We can be reached at 888-647-9929888-647-9929 FREE or sales@buyritefinishing.com.





  1. I would like to receive more info about the wagner coating system, actually we have Nordston equipment in the plant but we want to try another brand, also I would like to know about the price of the wagner powder system.

    • Eric says:

      I just saw your a note that you are interested in finding out more about Wagner Powder Coating equipment.
      If you can send me an email to eric@buyritefinishing.com I will reply with a brochure and some information on the powder guns.
      Are you using box feeders or hopper units?
      Thank you,
      Eric Beeson