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Conveyor Maintenance & Lubrication

by Eric | Published January 13, 2017

With constant and systematic inspection & service you can easily detect and cure issues with your Conveyor System before they require larger and more expensive solutions.

2000L-MightyLube-8568-300x233Preventative maintenance is paramount in any conveyor system. Lubrication is the most commonly overlooked factor and can lead to early failure!90003L-IBeam Lubricator





The wheels, or trolleys, are an important part of any conveyor system but just as important are the chain and connecting pins. These allow the chain to flex around horizontal and vertical corner, while giving a positive coupling device to the Drive system.
When these pins and connecting points become dry, it will lead to premature wear and eventually total failure.

A small amount of wear is normal, even when the chain is new, but problems can start to occur when it is allowed to get outside of this tolerance. Depending on which type of conveyor you are using, the tolerance differs.

As each connecting point on the chain wears, it causes the placement of each horizontal chain openings to become further and further apart. When this happens, the Drive Sprocket, which has “dogs” on it to fall into the chain, will start to miss the openings on the chain and the chain will jump and/or surge. Each time this happens it stretches the chain even more to accommodate the drive sprocket. Over time, this stretch becomes so severe that chain replacement is necessary.

IBeam Chain Brush-Non PoweredAnotherĀ Preventative Maintenance item may be necessary is a conveyor brush. There are many different types of brushes available to match the many different types of conveyor available. There are also many different areas of the conveyor that you will need to keep clean.




Buy Rite Finishing can help you with the purchase of an Automatic Lubricator which is designed to properly lubricate these points on the conveyor to prevent premature wear.

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