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Powder Coating Consultation

by Eric | Published October 11, 2018

Recently we got a call from a major manufacturer of automotive components looking for help with their Powder Coating Operation.

They had just recently changed their Powder Filters but powder was still coming out of their Booth. It was getting inside their Oven, it was getting all over the other equipment in their shop and they didn’t know why.¬† In addition, they wanted to increase their conveyor speed but the Oven wouldn’t keep up and they were concerned that their Washer was going to be able to handle the increase in line speed too. All in all, they just didn’t feel like things were working correctly and wanted to get a professional opinion on their total system.

Buy Rite Finishing¬† went there and conducted an in-plant Consultation where we looked at their current process, what the problem areas were, and made plans on how to correct the issues. They weren’t just looking for recommendations, they wanted solutions and an action plan on how they could implement and execute the changes.

Buy Rite Finishing has many years of experience in the Powder Coating and Painting Industry to help you in making your system work more efficiently and cost effectively.

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