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Powder Sieves commonly used for powder coating

by Eric | Published January 7, 2019

A sieve is often used in a powder coating system to help eliminate contamination and rejects. Sieves are used quite often in automatic powder coating systems, and it is very important in systems that reclaim, but even some batch powder coating operations see the benefit to using a good sieve to keep larger particles from entering the powder path and being sprayed onto your parts.

Large particles can enter your spraying operation at many different points throughout the way, for instance, sometimes the powder can arrive at your facility from the trucking company in large clumps because the powder was allowed to get too hot in transport or while in storage. These clumps must be broken up in order to be properly sprayed through your system.  A good powder sieve is also important to have if you are reclaiming your powder to be re-used. Any trash, hooks, etc. that falls into the powder stream can become lodged in the system and cause contamination on your parts or it can stop your spraying operation all together.

There are different sieves available depending on the application and what you are trying to achieve, most commonly they are the Rotary sieve, the Ultrasonic sieve and the Vibratory sieve.

Rotary Sieves are commonly used with automatic powder systems, partly because they offer the advantage of exhausting any dust particles plus they are automatic and require little maintenance, but they do require maintenance as they do have bearings and the nature of their environment is to operate in powder . The AZO Rotary Sieve is arguably the most widely used sieve for this application, contact us at sales@buyritefinishing.com to learn more.Vibratory Sieves are also very popular and tend to be used more with batch systems and “0ff-line” sieving operations. These sieves require very little maintenance but can be require a lot of labor and they do not sieve very much powder, because of this they are not well-suited for production type automatic operations. Husker Finishing Equipment has a nice sieve for small batch type operations or “off-line” sieving in automatic systems. You can contact us by going to sales@buyritefinishing.com to learn more.

Ultrasonic Sieves are becoming more popular as the market is going towards smaller runs, more frequent color changes smaller in-process batches of powder. Ultrasonic sieves can function in both of these environments just fine and can be used with an automatic system or with a batch operation. Wagner has a line of powder coating equipment that utilizes Ultrasonic sieving technology for quick color change and 

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