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Are Plural Component Paint Mixing Systems worth it?

by Eric | Published November 28, 2020

A Plural Component Paint Mixing System, also known as a Paint Proportioner, automatically mixes 2 – 3 and even 4 paint components together. This is done just before the paint application. There are multiple reasons why a Plural Component Paint Mixing System works better than manual mixing, here are just a few:

  • Hand Mixing is messy, plus it produces a lot of wasted paint! Once the paint is mixed, you only have a certain amount of time to use it before it hardens and you can’t spray it anymore. With a Plural Component Paint Mixing System you always get just the right amount of mix ratio every time, and when you’re done spraying your clean up is minimized….which means less time and less waste.
  • Did I mention that hand mixing is messy? With a Plural Component Mixing System you simply flush it out and shut it down.
  • Mistakes can be costly if you spray off-ratio, a Plural Component Mixing System is constantly monitoring the amount of material & different components being mixed and sprayed.
  • Plural Component Paints promote faster cure times, which mean more production! Because of the properties of plural component painting, your product will cure faster and harder. That allows you to ship more product.
  • A Plural Component Paint Mixing System promotes safety! Your painters aren’t exposed to potentially toxic and hazardous chemicals through hand mixing.
  • Enhanced Data Collection! Plural Component Mixing Systems can collect data like how much paint you used in a shift, how much catalyst you used in a shift, when you need to re-order so you don’t run out of material, etc. This can help you improve your process and monitor your production.

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