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Liquid Painting vs. Powder Coating

by Eric | Published May 5, 2020

Liquid Paint is made up of a few basic materials and additives depending on the desired finish or requirements.
All Liquid Paints will have a carrier, a water or solvent that can aid in the spray and flow characteristics, but they will also contain pigments to give the paint it’s final appearance and color (these pigments can also aid in the performance).
Liquid Paints will also include resins, which are the base, and these will dictate the performance & overall characteristics of your paint.
Finally your paint may also include an additive that can help with many different things, such as rust prevention, chemical resistance, UV resistance, etc.

Powder Coatings do not have a carrier, all of the above mentioned ingredients are mixed into a powder form to create the desired look and performance.


There are many reasons why Liquid Paints may be beneficial for your application, here are some of them:

  • The initial investment of a Paint System tends to be less than that of Powder Coating System.
  • Most Liquid Coatings can be cured at room temperature, sometimes Air Makeup Units are added to Crossdraft Paint Booth or Downdraft Paint Booth for an accelerated cure in the same booth where the application took place, but even if an elevated cure is required the temperatures are not as high as with Powder Coatings. Because of this, many parts with heat sensitive substrates or components (rubber, oil, etc.) can easily be coated.
  • Liquid Paints can be used to coat large/cumbersome parts that cannot fit onto a Powder Coating line or into a Powder Coating Oven (there have been many advances in Ovens, Washers, Conveyors, Booths used for Powder Coating to allow for that today).
  •  Liquid Coatings can be applied at very low thicknesses and can achieve automotive-type Class A finishes (with the advancements of Powder Coating Guns users can now easily achieve the same finishes).
Here are some benefits to Powder Coating application:
  • The investment is greater than that of Liquid Paint Systems, but the operating costs for application are usually much lower plus the cost of the powder is lower than the paint itself.
  • Because powder coating is cured in an Oven, the durability is quite good and is commonly used for outdoor applications. Liquid Painting can also achieve excellent durability but that typically requires a Plural Component System.
  • Infra-Red Ovens are now commonly used to accelerate the cure, or even achieve a full cure, on heat sensitive products.
  • Once the work piece has cooled, the part is fully cured and ready for the next process or to be packaged & shipped.
  • Powder can be reclaimed quite easily, and with the right Quick Color Change equipment, powder can be easily switched from one color to the another.
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