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by Eric | Published November 18, 2020

Kontainment Station is an enclosed wash area that includes a tank below to capture the solution. The Kontainment Station has a pumping system that will allow you to send the solution to a holding tank which allows you to neutralize your drain water before sending it to the city sewer system.







Kontainment Bay is basically the same as the Kontainment Station listed above, but instead of using a tank to capture the solution, it merely uses raised curbing to contain the solution into the wash area.   This is a lower cost alternative and typically works best in new construction or in cases where the customer can easily cut into the floor to install their own sump or pumping system.



We offer design, equipment selection and installation and can help you with a system that not only meets your expectations, but will allow you to efficiently powder coat your parts the right way – every time.

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