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Electrode Holder Maintenance

by Eric | Published October 7, 2019

In the video below, we detail the components, function, and proper maintenance checks for your Wagner PEM-X1 gun Electrode Holder. We appreciate you taking the time to watch, and hope [ more ]

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Powder Sieves commonly used for powder coating

by Eric | Published January 7, 2019

A sieve is often used in a powder coating system to help eliminate contamination and rejects. Sieves are used quite often in automatic powder coating systems, and it is very [ more ]

Powder Coating Consultation

by Eric | Published October 11, 2018

Recently we got a call from a major manufacturer of automotive components looking for help with their Powder Coating Operation.
They had just recently changed their Powder Filters but powder was [ more ]

Powder Coating and Painting Consultation, System Audits and Appraisal Services

by Eric | Published September 24, 2018

Buy Rite Finishing has over 75 years of experience providing solutions and answers for the Metal Finishing Industry, and as a trusted name in that industry, we offer Consultation, Evaluation [ more ]

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Quick Color Changes in under 30 seconds

by Eric | Published September 6, 2017

I learned to powder coat back in 1986 on an old powder coating unit with square hoppers. Back then we didn’t have any fancy equipment to help us powder coat, [ more ]

Pre-Engineered Blast Room

by Eric | Published June 8, 2017

A Pre-Engineered Blast Room has all of the essentials for an OSHA compliance blast room at a fraction of the cost. They are an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or [ more ]

Refill your Blast Pot the quick and easy way

by Eric | Published June 8, 2017

Complete Vacuum Recovery System
With a Vacuum Recovery Systems (VRS) you can quickly recover media to all Empire SuperBlast® portables, or any sandblasting pot with a diameter of 18, 24 or [ more ]

Conveyor Maintenance & Lubrication

by Eric | Published January 13, 2017

With constant and systematic inspection & service you can easily detect and cure issues with your Conveyor System before they require larger and more expensive solutions.
Preventative maintenance is paramount in [ more ]

Modular Environmental Rooms

by Eric | Published November 3, 2016

An Environmental Rooms is used to control the environment for a particular process or equipment storage. The enclosures isolate the contents from the manufacturing facility environment. The wall partitions can [ more ]

Purchasing a Batch Oven

by Eric | Published June 26, 2015

Because of the high level of interest in Batch Ovens, we felt it was important to explain some of the differences.
USED vs. NEW – This is probably the biggest misconception [ more ]

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