Paint Pressure Pots & Pressure Cups

Buy Rite Finishing proudly supplies quality Pressure Pots and Pressure Cups for Paint Application by C.A. TECHNOLOGIES!

Pressure Pots (Pressure Tanks)
Pressure Pots are very versatile, many different types of material can be sprayed from a Pressure Pot and they are used for multiple types of projects. They work well with solvent based materials, water based materials, adhesives and multiple types of stains and varnishes too. They are available in 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 & 15 Gallon sizes for many different sizes and types of projects. The tank has wheels for maneuverability. Pressure Pots are available in standard Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, they can also be equipped with agitators to keep the paint in suspension while it is being pressurized.

Pressure Pots can also be used for Plural Component paints as well, this is often called “Hot Potting”, but if your project is large or calls for any type of production you may want to consider a PLURAL COMPONENT SYSTEM to automatically mix the components together at the proper rate on a consistent basis. If your project calls for a large amount of paint, or if it there is any production involved, a Pressure Pot may not be the best piece of equipment for you and you may want to consider a Paint Pump.

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Pressure Cups
Pressure Cups are basically the same as a Pressure Pot, just much smaller. These work well for painting small projects, and can easily be moved around with your paint gun to allow for more control. These are available as smaller 1 quart cups, that connect directly to the head of the paint gun, or the larger 2 quart version with a convenient carrying handle.

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