Industrial Powder Coating Booths

We offer industrial automatic powder booths and batch powder booths. Click on the tabs below to learn more


Automatic Powder Coating Booths are used for higher production products and are typically used in-line of other processes where the product is conveyed into the booth via an overhead or chain-on-edge conveyor.

Whether you spray the same color or you perform multiple color changes throughout the day, let our experts guide you through the process and design a system that fits your specific product and situation!

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Batch Booths are typically used for large or complex shaped parts, or for small production runs. Parts can either be conveyed into the booth on rolling carts or they can be brought in on an overhead conveyor.

They can sometimes have an opening on one end only, where parts are brought into the booth and back out of the booth through the same door, or they can be a Pass-Through design.

For questions or more information, email or call us at 888-647-9929.

There are two types of filtration you can use on a Batch Booth. One type uses Cartridge filtration, sometimes referred to as a reclaim booth, and the other type uses 3 Stage filtration, sometimes referred to as a spray-to-waste booth.

In reality; both of these booths are typically used for spraying to waste, as is inherent in their design, but they both have pros and cons to their uses.

Buy Rite Finishing is dedicated to helping you find the right fit for your product and circumstance.