Quick Color Changes for Powder Guns

We offer quick color change for manual and automatic powder guns. Click on the tabs below to learn more.


Quick Color Changes have become almost standard for the industry, as production time and space become increasingly more important. The small footprint and wide variety of options make the Wagner line up of Quick Color Change equipment second to none.

The Wagner line of Powder Feed Centers, in conjunction with their line of Quick Color Change Booths, sets a new standard in color changes, operator ease and efficiency.

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Just like with Automatic Booths, there are Quick Color Change Systems available for Manual Powder Application too. Box Feed powder guns make color changing very quick, but a Box Feeder doesn’t always fluidize well in humid environments and they don’t work with all powders (specifically metallics). A Quick Color Change system uses hoppers instead of the box, therefore, it fluidizes better and allows for a more even application of metallics and some special effect colors. Buy Rite Finishing is pleased to now be able to present you with two options in this arena!

First in line is the ColorBOARD from Husker Finishing Equipment – a less expensive alternative, yet still a very formidable contender in this market, the ColorBOARD also boasts 30 second color changes and allows the user to switch between SIX colors. There are 3) hoses on the front of the ColorBOARD which must be moved for each color change, but the Quick Disconnects make this an easy task and the automatic Purge Function automatically cleans the powder hose between colors. The ColorBOARD allows you to use any powder gun or hopper and will support 2 powder guns off of the same color, which really comes in handy when you are coating larger items.

Second up is the ColorSelect from Wagner – The ColorSelect is a robust system that allows the user to easily switch between TEN colors, 30 second color changes are quite common! There is also an automatic Purge Function to allow for automatic cleaning of the powder gun. The ColorSelect comes with a Wagner Sprint X powder gun for an all-inclusive packaged unit that is ready to go out of the box!

For questions or more information, email or call us at 888-647-9929.